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A collection of most of my game projects that were uploaded to itch.io before 2018. I'm bundling them here because for some reason I want to limit the squares on my itch page? Also some of these are incomplete or unplayable, and I want all the games on my page to be playable and complete.

  • a breath of morning dew

    experimental linear narrative game about mental health. made someone cry at GX3, where it was on display along with PATCHWORK.

  • incomplete cyclops prototype

    for a while i have wanted to made a large biographical twine game where different parts of me are compartmentalized into rooms you can explore. you can collect keys to open new rooms. i have yet to finish this project, and i haven't touched it in a long time. here you can explore what i was able to finish before drifting away.

  • one

    a very tiny experimental twine game where each of the passages are one word, and each of your choices are one word. despite not having a whole bunch of words, pictures still form in your mind, which is kinda cool :- )

  • paper demo

    i want to make a game where every frame is drawn by hand. here is what i got done in a couple of weeks. it's only three frames, but it's interactive... and cool...

  • patchwork

    a hybrid digital+physical game that i made during a game jam long ago. it won two awards, which is pretty cool! this game is unplayable unless you have the physical pieces that are currently in a box in a storage unit. someday soon i plan to make a new version of this game where there instructions on how to make your own set!

  • roy

    a weird point and click puzzley/riddle-type thing i made in about 6 hours. click around on a photograph of some legos and see if you can figure out how to do the thing.

  • this

    a sad twine game i made after an event where i played a part in raising the mood in a room to the point where someone yelled and i quietly said im sorry and left the building and walked through the darkness for about an hour while all my friends from the room were worried about me and were trying to call me. mental health is fun,,,, trigger warnings perhaps.

  • vigil

    someone made a game prompt/template type thing that i engaged with a long time ago. vigil is about two characters, candle and boat, and their relationship. life, death, and regret. please enjoy poking around the bonus files... i got really into "marketing" and "postmortem" and other professionalist myths

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